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Published Work

Shooting for major publications such as SnowAction, Snowboarding, Snowboarder, Powderhound, Spoke, Transfer Snowboard, The Ski Mag and many National and regional newspapers, Matt has worked with these editors to fullfil the given brief while maintaining exclusivity of content and shooting in a way that allows layout with text and constraints of page sizes.

To complement his imagery Matt is also a freelance writer, capturing the atmosphere of the locations he shoots in words as well as photos means he can cover an event, location or athlete without the need of a writer to accompany him.

The following is a small collection of published work from a few of the publications Matt has been published in. If you are interested in working with Matt on an editorial or an article for your publications please don't hesitate to contact via the contact button, high quality scans can be sent as examples of his work.


 anzsnow58-fallscreek-1.jpg anzsnow58-fallscreek-2.jpg powderhound1.jpg img-3638.jpg

-mth4257.jpg front-cover.jpg

sekiarticle.jpg img-4159.jpg img-3636.jpg -mth7671.jpg

-mth4258.jpg -mth4259.jpg -mth4260.jpg -mth7666.jpg img-3637.jpg

-mth7670.jpg -mth7669.jpg -mth7668.jpg -mth7663.jpg